Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Friday-It's a Tradition

It is a tradition for my husband and I to go out on Black Friday. It started out as a way for us to snag the best deals for toys when our kids were little. But now, it is a way for us to acquire things we need or want at a great bargain. I love the sound of the biggest newspaper of the year, as it slaps the driveway. I spend hours pouring over all the sale adds and flyers Thanksgiving morning. I then let my kids look too. I need their input on gift items.

After our Thanksgiving dinner is done and the pumpkin pie is devoured, I look through the adds once more and make my strategic plans. Yes, we get up at zero dark thirty; I even shower. We grab some coffee and go. I always have my list ready and ads in hand. We usually hit the big stores first, get what we need and get out. When the kids were younger we had been known to wait in front of Toys R Us before they opened. Last year it was Wal-mart first. We needed a new TV for our bedroom. When all is said and done, we usually have a few gifts for family members, several gifts for ourselves and a memorable tradition.

I am often asked, is it worth it. I would have to say that depends on what it is you are shopping for. I don't wait in lines at stores that are offering amazing prices for laptops or TV's when I know they have a limited quantity. I go for the items that I know I have a good chance of getting. With two of us, it is easy. We can split the list and even split the stores. This year my daughter will be able to participate now that she can drive.

Although I have read the sneak peaks of the ad scans for Thursday, I still don't know what it is that I'll be o the hunt for. I'm sure I'll snag a few Cricut cartridges at Wal-mart, a few DVD's for stocking stuffers and possibly some games for the Wii and Xbox. The rest of my shopping will probably be done on-line and I'll probably do that Thanksgiving, day as many places offer great deals on turkey day. So, what Black Friday plans do you have?


Tracy said...

In Canada we ofcourse don't have the Black Friday sales. I do know of a few ladies that make the trip down for them though.
Have fun :)

ScrappnBee said...

I love black Fri! 2 of my 3 kids have Dec b-days, and it definately helps the sticker shock! I also have gotten the JCPenney snowglobe/ disney give away every year since the '90s! (I know, wierd huh?)