Sunday, November 21, 2010

The AMA's

I usually like to watch the AMA's, but this year it was quite painful. It didn't seem to have the spark like years past. Here are my thoughts.
  • Rihanna looked like she got in a fight with her hair brush.
  • Miley Cyrus needs to sue the person who told her she could sing and give her grandma back her moo-moo/bathrobe.
  • Enrique Iglesias aint Julio- he's hotter
  • Kid Rock- Loved the song lyrics, but he seriously needs a bath
  • Jon Bon Jovi looked good, but sounded tired
  • Pink didn't sport the MC hammer look all to well, But I did like all the dancers.
  • Justin Bieber- doesn't deserve a comment
  • Taylor Swift- liked the new look- straight hair. Not a bad performance
  • Christina never leaves anything untouched but looked more pregnant than pink
  • Usher can dance, but I think he had some microphone difficulties
  • Train rocked "Soul Sister" and Pat rocked them sequin jeans...but a couple of his "soul sisters" could have used better support bras
  • Ke$ha invaded by aliens
  • Santana always great jammin on the 6 string
  • BSB & NKOTB good finale and I can say I saw it
Overall it was an o..k. show, it gave me something to talk about, but it wasn't memorable at all. So, what are your thoughts and who was your favorite performer?


Steph said...

We didn't watch it last night but sounds like I didn't miss much. I am disappointed I missed Bon Jovi and BKOTB/BSB.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

too funny! i love train and enrique is just too cute!

Tracy said...

No I watched The Walking Dead instead. LOL love me some zombies.
I will catch the highlights.